What Will Happen to Coronary Artery if Human Doesn’t Keep It Well

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A human body is so complicated and complex. Though there are so many things and parts inside it, all of them can work well based on the job. One of the central elements is known as Coronary artery, and it is location inside the heart. Heart muscle is similar to other organs in the body which needs oxygen through blood to survive. Coronary circulation is one of the vascular systems which supply blood to the heart, and the real function is so important.

Coronary Arteries of the Heart

Coronary Arteries of the Heart

What is The Main Function of Coronary Artery Inside Human Body

The leading supplier of the blood inside the human body is known as the aorta, and it has branched into two main coronary blood arteries or sometimes known as vessels. The coronary artery will branch off to the smaller arteries, and it will supply and provide blood full with oxygen to the heart muscle entirely. The right coronary vessel will satisfy the blood to the heart’s right side mainly because the right side is smaller as it works to pump up the blood for the lungs only. Meanwhile, the left part is different.

The left artery branches to the left anterior and also circumflex artery, and it will supply the blood the remaining part. Unlike the right side, the left part is so, and it is more muscular as it pumps the blood to the entire body. As the coronary vessels will deliver the blood the muscle of the heart, any disorder or perhaps disease may give serious implications, and it reduces the oxygen flow as well as the nutrients to muscle’s heart. It will lead to a severe health problem such as a heart attack.

It may lead to death when it comes to a heart problem. The most common cause of any disease related to the heart is because of atherosclerosis. This is the plaque found in the artery’s inner lining which causes it to be blocked or become narrow. Now you know why this coronary so crucial to the heart and main body because it doesn’t only supply blood, but it protects the body through oxygen-rich blood. The disease may develop when the blood vessels majorly become damaged.

Brief Explanation About Coronary Artery Disease

You know if this artery supplies blood to hear containing nutrients and oxygen. More cholesterol found in the blood will deposit plaque inside the arteries. Cholesterol is often blamed as the primary cause of any disease related to the coronary vessel and inflammation around it. The blood flow which is decreasing rapidly will cause angina or known as chest pain, breathe’s shortness and also other symptoms and signs due to coronary disease. The worse is the heart attack that will block completely.

Coronary disease is so common, but it develops in the long term or over decades. Human sometimes doesn’t know or even notice the symptoms at all until there is a significantly worse blockage of the heart or heart attack. However, there are many things people can do to prevent coronary disease as well as medical treatment to heal the infection. The significant impact will be shown if humans can change their lifestyle such as no smoking or consuming junk foods that will provide plaques.

While knowing the risk or death from coronary disease, many people don’t realize the signs and symptoms since the symptoms can be similar to other common conditions. If the coronary arteries become narrow, the blood’s oxygen can’t pass through to heart especially when the heart beats fast like those who love exercising. Though people will not see it right away, they may feel something wrong inside over years as the plaque will continue building up inside.

The Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease

The symptoms can be so varied but most people will feel the same at the end, and the signs are:

  • Breath’s shortness
    If the heart can’t pump blood in enough amount to meet the needs of the body, people will start feeling hard to breathe, and they will feel the extreme fatigue as well as with exertion.
  • Angina or chest pain
    Those who might have the coronary disease will feel the tightness on the chest as if there is another person who stands on the chest. This pain is referred to and known as angina, and it usually appears on the left side or middle side of the chest. Angina is triggered by emotional and physical stress. The pain can come and go within minutes after doing some hard activities. However, most people experience different pain. For women, the pain doesn’t only attack the chest, but it can strike back, arm or even neck.
  • Heart attack
    It happens when the artery is entirely blocked. The symptoms will crush and hit the chest through the, and the person who is hit by heart attack will sweat and breathe hard.

Though coronary artery can’t be seen from outside the body, it controls the system of blood circulation throughout the body especially the heart, so every human needs to keep the body health properly to prevent disease.

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