How to Stop Someone from Snoring: What Can You Suggest?

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How to stop someone from snoring can be a challenge, but it needs immediate solution. Otherwise, you will miss quality sleep and lose many hours of sleeping. If can be irritating to find out that someone besides you snores while sleeping. In some cases, it is not easy to tell the truth and ask him/her to address the snoring problem.

How To Stop Someone From Snoring

How To Stop Someone From Snoring

Snoring is also known as harsh or loud sound that happens when someone sleeps. Snoring happens when the airflow makes the tissue in the back of throat vibrates while someone is breathing. It happens since the air cannot move through nasal cavities smoothly. The snores may come through nose, mouth, or combination of both.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring: Set the Sleep Environment

Snoring may result from inappropriate sleep environment, which makes it difficult for snorer to breath normally. The first thing you can do to reduce the snores is adjusting the sleep environment. The following are some steps you can try on how to stop someone from snoring:

Elevate the Snorer’s Head

Raise his/her head by about 10 cm (4 inches) by using 1 or 2 pillows. Elevated head makes it easier for the snorer to breath. This also makes his/her tongue to move forward in a hassle-free way. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to move the snorer’s head. His/her movement can make the pillows fall back.

Alternatively, you can ask the snorer to buy specially designed pillow, or snore pillow, to avoid snoring. This kind of pillow keeps the neck muscles open and relaxed, and eventually minimizes the risk of snoring.

Keep the Bedroom Moist

The second option to adjust the sleeping environment is using a humidifier to keep the bedroom moist. Snoring can be the result of dry air, as it may irritate nose and throat. Irritated nasal tissues are often swelling, hence causing congestion of the airways. By keeping a humidifier on, the air is most throughout the night. This helps ensure snore-free sleep.

How to Stop Someone from Snoring: Improving Sleep Habits

Someone can also snore due to inappropriate sleep habits. For instance, snores can happen due to stuffed nasal passages. This can be prevented by doing nasal rinse before bed as a routine. Saline rinse is the most popular solution to use before sleeping. The method of cleaning nasal passages is discussed in a previous post on how to prevent allergic rhinitis. Besides suggesting the snorer to clean nasal passages before bed, the following are other tips to try:

Suggest the Right Sleep Position

The risk of snoring is increased when someone lays flat on one’s back or stomach while sleeping. Snoring happens because of increased pressure on the throat. Therefore, ask the snorer honestly to lay on one side, rather than laying flat. Laying on one side reduces the pressure on the throat. This is another way on how to stop someone from snoring.

You may need to remind him/her on the right sleep position for snorer. At first, you can suggest the snorer to use ‘something’ like a snore pillow to prevent him/her from rolling back while sleeping. This may take few weeks. However, when it becomes a habit, the risk of snoring will also decrease.

Suggest Special Appliances

Suggesting wearing a dentist-made appliance can be another way on how to stop someone from snoring. This anti-snoring mouth appliance is recommended when the snore happens due to dental problem. The appliance keeps the airways open during sleep. The appliance may be expensive, since it is usually custom-made. In addition health care benefits may not cover it. Therefore, make sure to suggest using the appliance in a careful way.

Suggest Surgical Intervention

In severe snoring cases, surgical option for snoring can be the only solution. Of course, you can suggest this only for a person you know well, such as relative or your spouse. You can recommend this way on how to stop someone from snoring when adjustment of sleeping environment and sleeping habit does not work. A number of surgical methods can help with the snoring. Therefore, suggest the snorer to consult a doctor.

Finally, the risks of snoring are increased in overweight or obese individuals. In this case, losing weight with balanced diets and routine exercise are the best suggestions you can provide. A number of throat exercises are available to reduce snoring.

Studies show that about of half of people snore at some point of their life. Studies find family history as one of the risk factors. Whatever the cause is, you need to find a solution on how to stop someone from snoring. Lack of quality sleep can negatively affect your physical and mental health, right?

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