Human Heart: The Chambers, The Functions and The Disease

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Heart is one of the most important organs inside human body that pumps the blood throughout the body by using circulatory system. Beside that, human heart also supplies oxygen along with nutrients to the tissues and removes the carbon dioxide out of the body along with other wastes. Dr. Lawrence Philips who is the cardiologist of NYU Langone Medical Center in New York said that tissues need the nutrients to be constantly supplied so the tissues can be active.

Heart Human

Heart Human

The Parts of Human Heart

 Dr. Philips also said if human heart can’t supply blood to tissues and organs inside the body, human will die. The size of the heart is basically like a large fist of hand and the weight is just 280 to 340 grams for men and around 230 to 280 grams for women said Henry Gray in his book entitled “Anatomy of the Human Body”. Imagine the heart as the house and it has chambers with different functions. Actually, heart has 4 chambers known as Atria or two upper chambers and Ventricles or known as 2 lower chambers.

Based on the National Institutes of Health, the right upper and right lower known as “right heart” while the left upper and the left lower are known as “left heart”. Meanwhile, the wall which separates them in the form of muscle is known as septum. There is double-walled sac inside it known as Pericardium and it is used to protect heart as well as anchor it inside human chest. There are also some parts inside like runs pericardial fluid, serous pericardium, inner layer and also parietal pericardium on the outer layer.

Those lubricate heart during movement and contractions of the diaphragm and lungs. Meanwhile, the outer wall of the heart has 3 layers. Epicardium is the wall layer’s outermost and it is found in pericardium’s inner wall. The second is the middle layer known as myocardium and it contains muscle which contracts. The last is the endocardium which is the inner layer and it is the lining that will contact blood. Basically, there are more parts of the heart with different functions and also uses.

The Work of Human Heart in Supplying The Blood Throughout The Body

As people know the 4 chambers, heart has important role inside human body. Like mentioned before, the main function of the heart is circulating the blood throughout the body. However, there are 2 pathways for heart to pump the blood. The first one is through pulmonary circuit and the second one is through systemic circuit. Inside pulmonary circuit, the deoxygenated blood will leave the right lower chamber or ventricle via pulmonary artery and it goes to the lungs. It will return again as oxygenated blood to the left upper chamber or atrium via pulmonary vein.

Meanwhile inside systemic circuit, oxygenated blood may leave the body via the left lower chamber or known as ventricle to aorta. From aorta, it will enter arteries and also capillaries where it may supply the tissues of body with enough oxygen. After that, the deoxygenated blood from that process may return via veins and it goes to venae cavae and it enters again to the right upper chamber or atrium of the heart. Dr Phillips also said that heart is a muscle too so heart will need fresh oxygen supply and nutrients.

2 sets of arteries will bring the oxygenated blood after ut leaves the heart through aortic valve to feed the muscle of heart. Coronary artery’s left main located on aorta’s one side will branch to the left anterior and left circynflex artery. Meanwhile the right coronary will branch out to the right side of aorta. Just like other parts of the human body, heart can have serious problem or disease if human can’t keep it from things that can damage heart especially about food and also lifestyles.

The Deadly Disease for Human Heart

Heart attack is the main deadly disease caused by the blockage of any arteries inside the heart. It can be caused by the damage found in the muscle. Heart attack is different from cardiac arrest because cardiac arrest is the sudden loss of heart function and it occurs usually as the result of any heart rhythm’s electrical disturbances. Heart attack may lead to the cardiac arrest. However, latter can be caused by another sourcing problem.

Heart has electrical cells and it causes and produces heartbeat. Every cell has its own ability to be the leader of the beat and others will follow. People who have irregular heartbeat or atrial fibrillation will get different rhythm. Each cell wants to be the leader and it makes them beating unsynchronized one with another. It is also easy to keep the human heart healthy because people just need to eat healthy food, reduce alcohol and stop smoking because it can lead to a very serious heart problem.

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