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Baby Snoring: Normal Thing or a Sign of Health Condition?

Feb 27, 2019 Disease 214 Views

Baby snoring may sound normal, but when it happens regularly, parents might start to worry. When the baby snores, as a parent, may be faced with constant anxieties. You

Baby Snoring

How to Stop Someone from Snoring: What Can You Suggest?

Feb 26, 2019 Disease 170 Views

How to stop someone from snoring can be a challenge, but it needs immediate solution. Otherwise, you will miss quality sleep and lose many hours of sleeping. If can

How To Stop Someone From Snoring

Exercise Induced Asthma Allows You to Exercise Safely

Feb 26, 2019 Disease 153 Views

Exercise induced asthma, as the name suggests, is caused by physical exercises. Everybody needs physical exercises to main health and prevent various types of lifestyle-related diseases. However, people with

Exercise Asthma Symptoms

Allergic Rhinitis Management by Using Self-Help Treatment

Feb 25, 2019 Disease 163 Views

Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever or seasonal allergies, is discussed in a previous post. The allergic reactions are mostly associated with allergens that occur in certain season of the

Allergic Rhinitis

Metastasis: The Spread and Treatment for Cancer

Feb 25, 2019 Disease 213 Views

Cancer is the dangerous disease that can lead to a death. Though cancer can be cured using special treatment, the cell can grow again inside human body. To describe

Metastasis Process

Human Heart: The Chambers, The Functions and The Disease

Feb 25, 2019 Disease 212 Views

Heart is one of the most important organs inside human body that pumps the blood throughout the body by using circulatory system. Beside that, human heart also supplies oxygen

Heart Human

What Will Happen to Coronary Artery if Human Doesn’t Keep It Well

Feb 24, 2019 Disease 235 Views

A human body is so complicated and complex. Though there are so many things and parts inside it, all of them can work well based on the job. One

Coronary Arteries of the Heart

Sun Allergy, The Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Feb 23, 2019 Disease 445 Views

Sunlight is perfect for health in the morning. That is why many people do exercise when the sun is still friendly. However, some people might feel uncomfortable with their

Sun Allergy

Types of Diabetes and the Way They Occur In Your Life

Feb 21, 2019 Disease 221 Views

Types of diabetes are classified based on the causes and the time of onset. People call diabetes mellitus as a lifestyle-related disease. On the one hand, it may be

Type of Diabetes

Seasonal Allergies to Anticipate Throughout the Year

Feb 18, 2019 Disease 183 Views

Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever, happen when your immune system wrongly reacts or overreacts to an outdoor allergen, particularly pollen. There are some terms popularly used to

Seasonal AllergiesSeasonal Allergies